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Palembang Traditional Food

BESIDE pempek, Palembang also has many

BESIDE pempek, Palembang also has many traditional foods are the main material is made of fish and sago (tapioca flour). Generally served with soup or coconut milk. In addition, there is also the main ingredient mi celor of noodles, shrimp, and coconut milk.

Here are some typical foods Palembang to be found in every restaurant, cafeteria, and even street vendors:

1. Tekwan is typical Palembang soup dish made of fish and sago are made in small sizes, and served with shrimp broth with a distinctive flavor. Usually complementary Tekwan is rice noodles, sliced bengkoang and mushrooms, and sprinkled with chopped green onion, celery, and fried onions.

2. Celimpungan is the food that comes from South Sumatra. The basic ingredients are the dough celimpungan sago and fish as well as empek-empek who also came from South Sumatra. The difference between them lies in the shape and the broth. Celimpungan round shape with a diameter of 10 Cm and a thin (flat). Broth made of coconut milk and blend other spices. Celimpungan eaten with sambal goreng (chili mashed and sauted with oil).

3. Laksan is typical Palembang foods made from raw sago and fish. Laksan made in an oval shape with a sense that almost pempek, but served with gravy santan.

4. Model basically made from the same dough pempek submarines. The difference is, the model is filled with tofu and fried before presented. At the time served, the model in the mixed model with a sauce made from shrimp broth. Besides mixed with rice noodles, usually mixed with cucumber and dried shrimp.

Types of models: The types of this model consists of two kinds, namely fish models and model gendum. The model fish made with materials similar to pempek. While gendum model is made from wheat flour. Usually gendum model is cheaper than fish models. The model is also very famous in the city of Palembang.

5. Mi Celor is noodles served in coconut milk and broth mixture ebi (dried shrimp), mixed sprouts and served with boiled egg slices, sprinkled with chopped celery, green onions and fried onions. This dish comes from the city of Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia, and along with Pempek has become the specialty of Palembang. Size larger noodles are used, such as Aceh Noodle or Udon Japanese noodles.

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